Final Blog

In Spain by Eller Student

Looking back on my experience this summer, it is going to be extremely hard to top in the years to come.  Along with the professional experience I obtained from working at a coworking space, called Meet Bcn, I have gained friendships with over 30 people all discovering a new country together.  It was a great experience, figuring out how to communicate with people from different cultures and just living in a completely different atmosphere.  It was a great two months, probably the best two months of my life so far.

Being back in the United States has been a little different now that I have experienced living in Spain for two months.  Everything is a bit easier to do, like for instance ordering food at a restaurant, or figuring out directions to certain places.  Also, the free water here in the U.S. is something that I am now appreciating ten times more compared to before I left for Barcelona.  The service at restaurants is also more convenient, as waiters and waitresses are more accommodating for your needs. Others things, however, are not as easy to do here in the states.  For instance, there are a lot more rules in the U.S. compared to Spain.  The police are strict and will give you a ticket for something little, unlike how European police give out their tickets.  Overall its good to be back in the states but I do miss Barcelona a lot.

My most memorable moment of my whole experience had to be traveling to Ibiza, and also traveling to Pamplona for running with the bulls.  That was probably the craziest thing I have ever done in my life and I don’t regret any of it.