Final Weeks In Barcelona

In Spain by Eller Student

I have been back in America for about 2 weeks and am already missing Barcelona Spain. It was one of the most incredible places I have ever been. My experiences I had are unforgettable and indescribable. I not only had the opportunity to work for a world known famous soccer player and coach, travel to 5 different countries, and make incredible friends, I was able to learn a lot about myself. Living out of your comfort zone is an amazing way to make you more independent and open your eyes to new avenues of life that before may not have been thought of.

Working in Spain taught me so much. I had to learn to be flexible, communicate with people that could not speak my first language, and be patient with their style of life and work culture. After working there for a couple of weeks I was quickly accustomed to the way they worked and learned how to relax and multitask at the same time. I do not think I will ever be able to have the opportunity to work a relaxed 5 hour day and then stroll over for lunch and a swim in the Mediterranean Ocean again, but it was amazing while it lasted. The leisurely lifestyle Spaniards live is definitely something I got used to very quickly.

I left Spain much more fluent in spanish, with many new best friends, and a better idea of what I would like in my future. I loved everything about Barcelona, however came back to America with a much greater appreciation for our country. Living in Spain I realized how fortunate I am to be an American and have the opportunity to work in our country. The economy in Europe is no where near ours and I was able to see first hand some how differently they do things and how little things Americans do to stay organized and function day to day advance us and separate us from several other parts of the world. Little things like knowing how to use excel or powerpoint are technological advantages we as students learn how to use, where in other parts of the country such as Spain, adults that work for big companies are trying to learn how to use the basics of these programs. I was told by several people how amazing it was that I was an american. I came back to the States with a new sense of pride for my country.