Food In Barcelona

In Spain by Eller Student

Before arriving to Barcelona, I learned that a staple of their cuisine is tapas. Most Spanish teachers that I’ve had throughout my life have been from Spain and always rave about this type of food. As expected, I was pretty excited to see what all the fuss was about with these so called tapas. When I arrived to Barcelona, I was greeted with sheer disappointment. These tapas were incredibly small portions of various meats and snacks, all at an overpriced cost. I am a pretty big guy (6’5″), and three tapas would cost me easily 11 euros; however that is not enough to provide me with a substantial meal. In order to be satisfied, I would have to spend upwards of 15 euro, which is pretty ridiculous for a meal. Instead, I had to turn to different alternatives.

I searched the internet for hidden eateries in Barcelona and my curiosity turned out to do me well. I found various “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants that served delicious food for affordable prices. For example, Bo-De-Be in the heart of Barceloneta provided amazing chicken or beef sandwiches for a measly 3.50 euros; it’s hard to argue with prices like that. Another place we found was an Argentinian steakhouse called La Malandrina. From the exterior, one would think this place would give you food-poisoning, but that would be the complete opposite. For just 7 euros, you get a thick cut of sirloin steak and a side that rivals most 5-star steakhouses in America. Perhaps the most poplular place to grub among the program members was a place called Wok-to-Walk. It was an asian restuarant that offered numerous combinations of meats, veggies, starches, and sauces, all cooked in a quick wok and served to go. The food was delicious and most importantly, affordable.

In conclusion, myself and most of the group included found ourselves eating non-traditional Spanish food. Not because we didn’t like that food, but because we wanted the most for our money. Overall, I give the food in Barcelona great praise; it was delicious, diverse, and plentiful.