Fun in the Markets

In China by Eller Student


Sure all the touristy spots are great adventures to be had. However, I had the most fun on the small adventures, the everyday tasks I needed to accomplish. Ordinary things become extraordinary   when interpreted through a different culture. Once such task that stood out was grocery shopping.

In the states the first thing you would do is jump into your car. In, Hong Kong cars are a serious luxury because of limited space. Walking makes you feel a part of the city. It throws you right into the action rather than, navigating it in a car.

The next thing you encounter is the size. No Wal-Mart’s in downtown Hong Kong. Grocery stores are nowhere near the size they are in the United States.  The two markets I shopped at had everything and could fit inside the frozen section of a typical us grocery store. Instead of shopping carts they had carts that held the shopping baskets you carry. It rained quite a bit so everywhere you went had plastic dispensers to keep your umbrella from dripping.

Hong Kong is such an international place. That is easily seen reflected through its food. Markets often had little flags for each product indicating its origin. It was great being able to try food from all over the world. It was so much just to walk down the aisles not knowing what items are and just buying stuff to try.

Another great aspect of Hong Kong is the outdoor markets. They consist of several roads of street vendors. They sell everything you could possible think of.  With the language barrier bargaining is done passing back and forth a calculator. As a tourist they will always try to overcharge you.