Gold Rush

In England by Eller Student

The last few weeks of the London experience were something, to say the least. For the majority of them I was running between Olympic events. That sentence has still yet to really hit me. I had the olympic ticket site up constantly for two weeks before the games started, checking it continuously, until I figured out that with some research you could determine when other countries were returning their unsold tickets and thus when tickets would be coming on sale. Two ticket returns later, i was going to nine events. Now my London experience has already been a huge learning experience as well as once in a lifetime, but being able to have an active part in the Olympic games was a whole other love. Firstly, professionally speaking, i work throughout the year in sports marketing for the university, so having the opportunity to see what sports marketing was like on the highest level was an invaluable experience. Secondly, on a personal level, going to the Olympics was always one of the top things on my bucket list and I would’ve been thrilled if I got to go to a single event, going to nine wasn’t even the realm of possibility for me coming into this summer, so looking back on it, it’s still pretty hard to believe. Now there were some downsides, running between venues over an hour on the tube away from each other could be a taxing experience and at certain events, the best spectator experience was actually watching it on television (as evidenced by the entire crowd watching the screen instead of the live sport) but overall it was definitely something i’m incredibly lucky to have been able to do.

On the other side of things, in between the events I got to escape to Dublin with a few of the flatmates, which was overall a really great trip and good closing to our time in London. Dublin is exactly like people say, very nice to look out with very festive people. It’s somewhere i’d definitely stay for a while if given the opportunity. The Cliffs of Moher were probably the highlight of the trip, capped by a great tour to the cliffs themselves, it was pretty insane being able to stand on the edge of a 700 foot trip ( and run along it, scaring the crap out of Anita) and look out on the atlantic ocean. Tom and I agreed that it was somewhere we could definitely just sit for a while and reflect, and it definitely wont be the last time i visit the cliffs.

Work also wrapped up a bit early since my bosses were eager to avoid the rush of the olympics and decided to take their summer holidays as the games started. Looking back on work, it was a varied experience and definitely not what i expected but one that I think I gained a lot from. Having the breadth of responsibilities that i did at London Sports Trust, provided me with some experience in a lot of different facets of a business. And i can honestly say my goal of getting a more global business perspective was achieved.

Last but not least, the best part of this experience was far and away the people that were part of it with me. We meshed as a group better than I could ever have imagined and i’m happy to say these are people i consider close friends now and without them the whole trip wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.


And now back to Arthur.