History in the Making

In England by Eller Student

My last few weeks in London can be summarized by one word, Olympics.  The London 2012 Olympics took over the city of London.  The Olympic rings showcased on the London Bridge were the initial display of National and Sporting pride dawned by the City.  Concurrently with the rings, masses of different races began to mob to the City all for the same important reason.  This reason is to support your country, and let the world know that other countries besides the USA can win Gold Medals.  The population of people is an image that will be established in my memory for decades to come.  My first Olympics are an event that I will never forget.

The highlight of the Olympics for me was attending the Women’s Gold Soccer match.  Chris Romney’s dad, Bob, purchased two tickets for Chris to the event.  He invited me to the game, and this is when the night started.  Growing up in Los Angeles, which has a rich Olympic history most notably the 1984 games, laid the foundation for my dream to support the red, white, and blue in the highest fashion.  After gearing up in my finest USA clothing, we were on our way to Wembley Stadium.

After an hour tube ride to the stadium, we crossed the platform with the other tens of thousands of fans hoping to cheer on their team.  For everyone that wasn’t rooting for USA, the Japanese fans, well lets just say I did not associate with them much.  We showed up to the game about ten minutes late, and hoping that we didn’t miss any of the action.  Not only did we see the first glorious goal, USA netted the first one as we were walking down the stairs to our prime seats.  The stadium turned into uproar as all the American fans chanted U.S.A., while the Japan fans could not believe the changing tide.  The women’s US team never looked back, and secured the victory for the motherland.  This game reminded me of the Nationalistic pride that is so strong within the US, and the feeling I had at this championship moment is going to remain with me forever.