Hong Kong reflection

In China by Eller Student

During the past 2 months of my life I have learned so much and have grown so much as a person. Living and working in Hong Kong has been a life changing experience. In June when I first stepped off the plane I did not know anything about this wonderful city and its people except for the minimal research I did, however after being fully engulfed in the Hong Kong culture I have grown to love it.
As I have been reflecting on my journey, I think the food was the thing that gave me the most culture shock. In my past I have not been very adventurous with trying different types of food, it didn’t take me very long to realize I had to change this. The first day at work, our bosses took us out to Dim Sum, which is a lunch special in Hong Kong. Dim Sum is a variety of different foods, which everybody can grab a little bit of everything. As plate by plate was brought out, I immediately realized I was going to have to drastically change my current eating habits. I’m glad I decided the first day to embrace the local foods as it made my trip that much more interesting. By the end of my trip I had tried foods such as pig’s feet, and liver, foods which I would have never tried if I hadn’t learn to love the Hong Kong culture and its people.