Hong Kong: SupBuyers

In China by Eller Student

This summer I was able to get an internship in Hong Kong with SupBuyer.com. I worked alongside 4 other interns and we were able to accomplish a lot over the summer in order to help the company and learn things to benefit our future business careers. We began our first day of work not knowing much about the company or who we were working with but by the end of the summer we understood the companies vision and formed a tight knit work team. We worked in two offices, one in San Po Kong, and the other in the Hong Kong Science Park. Between the two offices we had the opportunity to work with the C suite executives as well as different managers to accomplish our assigned tasks. We started off our internship knowing what we had to accomplish in our two months but we had to create a plan on how we would achieve our goals. Our first task we worked on after learning about the company and how B2B companies work, was to create a business plan for them to enter in a competition to create interest among angel investors. Our second and most time consuming task was to reach out to companies in the garment industry and ask to have them complete a questionnaire and do a brief interview so that we could write an article about them in our e-magazine. We approached these companies by cold calls and door to door contact, but we encountered problems. Sometimes it was the language barrier, and other times companies were simply not interested or were too busy. After multiple weeks of struggling we made some progress during our final two weeks and got to interview companies and expand SupBuyers e-magazine. After working in an office in Hong Kong for the summer I was able to take away experiences and knowledge that I couldn’t get from anywhere else.