Life in London!!

In England by Eller Student

Blog 2


Well it’s been a month already and it only feels like a few days. Time is flying by here in London and it is hard to pin point exactly why. First off the Euro Cup was an amazing experience to be apart of. One of the first things people think of when they imagine England is the pub scene. The pub scene is where we have been for most of the soccer or “football” games. The pub atmosphere is unlike anything I have ever been apart of. People are very friendly and chatty. They will talk to you know matter where your from, what you look like or even if you don’t want to talk to them. But the most exciting experience that we had in a pub was when England played Italy for a chance to be in the semi-finals of the Euro Cup. We were all hoping for an England win because if England won the Euro Cup that would be an amazing transition and lift for the English before going into the Olympics. Although the English didn’t win it was a great game that lasted all the way to PK’s. Besides going to the pubs and enjoying myself with the rest of my flat mates, I’ve actually been working and going to school.

Work started off a little slow just doing little things in various departments of the company, but the reasoning behind doing this internship with the company I’m doing it with is because I wanted to get into wealth management. Wealth management consists of meeting with clients and basically telling them given their situation and place in life what they should be doing with their money in order for them to maintain and grow their wealth. I didn’t meet face to face with a customer or client until a few weeks into the program, but when I did I realized I could possibly do this for a living. It was very exciting to see my boss working with new clients and with clients he already has. He established a very close relationship with his clients and you could really see why he does what he does for a living.

School has been coming a long. We went to our first play Henry V but I literally had no clue what was going on because it was in Old English. Although it was in Old English I still had a grasp of what was going on because the play was acted in The Globe that was built similarly to how The Globe was built back when Shakespeare originally wrote the play.

London has been great so far and I can’t wait to experience more and more of the rest of London in the up coming month!!