London Withdrawls

In England by Eller Student

Wow I can’t believe our time in London is over. We made sure to live life to the fullest those nine weeks and I honestly have zero regrets. It was the greatest summer of my life! We sure went out with a bang! We got to do a lot our last week in London. We made sure to spend some time in Hyde Park, which was probably my favorite place to go in London. It is such a beautiful park with so much to see, so you never get bored! We went to BT live which was really fun, getting to watch the Olympics in an environment filled with fans. It is really nice that London sponsored that for free, it was an awesome way to experience the Olympics without having to pay anything! Another day we went to Hyde Park, we got breakfast at The Serpentine, which is a restaurant right on the Serpentine lake in the park. It was even more special because the women’s marathon swim was happening that same morning so we got to experience that while having our great breakfast, not to mention the weather was remarkable!
To really end the trip in true British spirit, a group of us girls had formal high tea. We made reservations at the Landmark hotel, which was a gorgeous five star hotel in the Mayfair area. The tea was served in an area of the hotel called the “Winter Garden”. It is a huge 7 story atrium in the middle of the hotel that with it’s natural sunlight and indoor plants makes it a really enjoyable place to relax and have tea. The tea was worth every penny, and super filling! They give you so much food; we were really confused how British people are so thin! There were four types of sandwich’s on the first tray, then two trays of desserts, then scones for after the meal, combined with unlimited it tea! It was all so yummy though, we did not mind stuffing a little. I really want afternoon tea to be bigger in the United States because I know my mom and I are always hungry around 3 o’clock after a day of shopping, so high tea to relax and chat would be ideal.
We made sure to go to our favorite pubs and clubs before we left as well! We took pictures outside our flat before leaving, as well as inside of our flat, so we can always remember it! The drive to the airport was super depressing, the only part that made me happy was seeing my friends and family again. I have to say, we were able to navigate traveling internationally much better leaving than when we came, we have had some practice. Our flight was delayed three hours which was not fun, but luckily we traveled one way so once we were on the plane it went by fairly fast. Now here I am back at Arizona, just finishing up recruitment, and getting ready to start classes. It is really crazy to think I just spent the summer essentially on the other side of the world. I really threw myself back into Arizona life head first, but I guess that is the only way to do it. One thing is for sure, I will never forget the memories I made in London or the people I met. I can not wait to return!