Lunch with the Boss

In China by Eller Student

One of the fondest memories I have of my trip to Hong Kong was when my boss would take the interns and the rest of the employees out to lunch. One of the most interesting aspects about these lunches was the array of food they would bring out for us. Half of the food they brought out I had never seen before but was curious nonetheless and honestly felt rude if I didn’t indulge. Dim sum was a delicious common appetizer. There are many forms of dim sum that could consist of shrimp, pork, fish ball, and crab. Apart from dim sum there were also many other unique foods that I tried such as pigs feet, chicken feet, and pig intestate. There are also many table manners I picked up during our lunches. For instance, to signify bowing if someone from the table refilled your teacup you would tap the table with your fingers. Even though the food was good the most unique part about our lunch outings was the difference between work and lunch. Lunch was a time to get to know one another not a time to talk about businesses. I found it fascinating on how intrigued and pleased my boss was that we were using chopsticks, trying their traditional dishes, and talking about both the similarities and differences in our lives.