Reflecting back

In China by Eller Student

My time in Hong Kong has now come to an end, and all that remains to do is look back and reflect on my incredible experience this summer.  I met so many remarkable friends along the way, together with a priceless internship at MEGA Group Holdings.  I look back to the first day that I arrived in Hong Kong, and my opinion of this great city has vastly improved.  My first impression of Hong Kong was that it was extremely congested and over-populated and that perhaps I should have gone elsewhere for my internship.  It was difficult to handle the intense heat and the melting pot of smells that city imposed on my senses.  The communication barrier seemed to be a problem at first, before I realized that majority of the city spoke English.  Furthermore, I did not much appreciate the food Hong Kong had to offer and preferred to go to the McDonald’s down the street rather than sampling the local cuisine.


Amazingly, it has been two months since then and rather than seeing all the negatives that first engulfed my mind when I arrived, I now look at the city with a new-found perspective.  Hong Kong is an absolutely beautiful city that has more to offer than I could have possibly unveiled in my short two months there.  It makes me realize that to truly embrace a different culture, you have to submerge yourself into it and have an open attitude about everything.  When I think about it now, none of the problems that I originally had coming to Hong Kong even exist anymore.  I actually love the variety of foods that Hong Kong has to offer – all the way from Dim Sum to a greasy Hamburger.  I love the hustle and bustle of the crowds, and the efficiency of the MTR.  Hong Kong is a city that is alive with creative energy and is full of eclectic tastes and cultures.


My work experience will be by far the most valuable thing I took away from Hong Kong.  I met such great friends in my office who have taught me so much about the financial world.  I not only had the opportunity to meet with clients, but I was responsible for sending out reports to clients – which is something that I think is an amazing opportunity for an intern such as myself.  I now feel much better prepared for the working world and ready to take on whatever it throws at me.  I find myself missing Hong Kong much more than I thought I was going to, and now I just want to go back.  I have grown so fond of Hong Kong that I would love the opportunity to start my career there after I graduate.  Only time will tell what I will really do, but Hong Kong has made an impression on me this summer that I will never forget.