Reflection of my summer Abroad

In Spain by Eller Student

It is hard to believe that my summer abroad has come to an end. And I have to admit it feels weird to be back in the US. I was in Europe from May 20th to August 8th and durning that time I have made many new friends, been to many new places, learned a ton, and helped boost start my professonal career with a great internship. During the end of my trip cultural differneces became habit and I started to feel like a local even though myself and our group stood out like sore thumbs. But as these cultural differences became habits I got better and better at getting around the city. I knew all the bus times to get to and from work and what lines to catch to go to the beach, guadi houses, resturants, and much more. I also become used to the idea of siestas and that is something that I definatly miss. Long lunches and naps were the most relaxing part of the day.

Also as time went on I became to develope more friendships with co workers. Kathleen and I would join them for lunch sometimes and I even played soccer with some of the guys I worked with on Tuesdays. Not only did I learn things in the office in spain but also on communicating and being with Spanish people. IDAPT was a great company and a really enjoyed working with the people there. Even though my sales job got a bit repetative at sometimes I still feel I learned a lot that can help in future jobs for me. Having a job in sales is full of learning experiences everyday.

This a a picture of my roomate (Zach) and I a top of a mountain in Barcelona at the Montjuic Castle. 

Overall I had an amazing time in Barcelona. It was a trip I will never forget and definitely the best summer of my life!