Reflection of the Summer

In Spain by Eller Student

As I was getting ready to head out to Barcelona for my summer internship, I was very nervous. I was not only nervous about my internship, but the fact that I didn’t know any of the other Arizona kids who were heading out there with me. As I look back now, I had a wonderful internship and I became close with everyone who went to Barcelona from the University of Arizona. My internship with Johan Cruyff Institute for sports studies taught me many valuable lessons that will help me out in my final semester of school and applying/interviewing for jobs. Everything about my internship was perfect for me. I loved my co-workers, the work I was assigned, my boss and the overall atmosphere and mission of the company. While working with Kacie Clardy, we worked on assignments anywhere from researching, marketing ideas, translations and English writing corrections.

While in Barcelona, I met some wonderful people who I became very close friends with. These people go to the U of A with me and I will not only see them in class but we will see each other outside of class as well. These people helped made my summer in Barcelona that much better. The people that went to Barcelona were just down to earth nice people. I even traveled to Rome and Amsterdam with some of these people. So we spent a lot of time together having fun and getting work done at work.

As I look back now, I am so glad that I made the decision to go to Barcelona to do a summer internship through Johan Cruyff Institute. I was debating on doing the summer internship abroad because I had a tough time coming up with the money and I was nervous about being in a different country for two months. Now that I am back and that I went through the process, I am so glad I found a way to make it work. Having to take out extra student loans to pay for the internship made it worth it. The experience I gained will help me in not only applying and interviewing for jobs this semester, but for other future jobs. I would recommend everyone to do this program.