The End!

In England by Eller Student

Currently, I am in flight on my way to Tucson. I can’t believe summer is already over, I feel like I was just on a plane going to London. London is the most amazing place I have ever traveled to and I could not imagine a better place to spend my summer. The last few weeks have been really exciting with the Olympics and it was really cool to be there and experience everything that was happening around us. I mentioned in my last blog the difficulty everyone had getting tickets and I was very lucky to have gotten one for swimming. The events I watched were only heats but it was cool to be able to be in the arena. Unfortunately it unexpectedly started to rain after the event I watched and I got too cold to walk around Olympic Park. I was able to see some of it before the event and made sure I saw the biggest McDonalds in the world.  My favorite part about being at the Olympics was seeing everyone’s pride for their country. I felt myself wanting to cheer even when an American was not competing because of all the excitement from the crowd. Although I was not able to see other than on my television, I watched a girl I knew from home win a gold metal. In time trials she placed 5th in the women’s freestyle relay, making her an alternate for the American team. She was successful in the semi-finals and was able to compete. It is always neat to watch any American compete, but to watch someone you know and people from UofA is pretty unbelievable. My only complaint about the London Olympics besides the struggle to get tickets is the poor television coverage. I expected the focus to be on the Great Britain athletes but I did not think the reporters and technology gave sufficient coverage.


The last two weeks were relaxing, taking everything in and making sure I revisited all my favorite spots. I spent a lot of time at Hyde Park, shopping at all my favorite stores for one last time, and eating a lot! I went out to eat a lot more the last few weeks and the best place was an Italian restaurant down the road that was Princess Diana’s favorite. Some of my other food favorites were Ben’s cookies and Hummingbird cupcakes. Although London’s food was better then expected I am excited to go to a grocery with more variety and have all my favorite American foods. My co-workers loved to joke around about me being American and asked me so many questions, mainly about food. They wanted to know if I have had Pop Tarts, Teddy Grahams and a lot of other random foods that they have had while traveling to the US and thought it was hilarious that Americans use paper plates. There are so many cultural differences between the United States and London, way more then I imagined. I was really sad to leave my internship in London. I grew very close to my coworkers and it was hard to say goodbye! It really hit me that I was leaving after saying goodbye to my work. The summer is now over. London became more of a home then I imagined and it is uneasy leaving not knowing when or if I will return. This opportunity has opened my eyes to so many things especially possibilities in the future. I feel it has made me grow and mature as a person and allowed me to experience life in a way I never have before.