The End of the Best Summer of my Life

In Spain by Eller Student

As I fly back home from this wonderful country I look back on the past two months of my life and realize I am one lucky person. This summer has taught me more then I could ever imagine. I have made friends and memories that I will never forget. In the last couple days of work I realize things are about to change. I am bittersweet because I am ready to go home and see my friends and family yet I am not ready to let this wonderful life in Barcelona go. However, all good things must come to an end and as everyone started moving out I realized this is not the end but a start to a new adventure. Looking back on this summer I remember my favorite memories; the excitement of the first day of work, the trip to Ibiza, Summer Solstice, and of course Spain winning the Euro Cup. I will never forget the crazy weekend in Pamplona for Running of the Bulls or seeing a European concert in Barcelona. No doubt Spain’s culture is very different then us from the laidback atmosphere in the workplace to the different food to their nightlife. I have become accustomed to Spain’s culture and have grown to love it. Overall, I could not be more thankful to have been a part of this amazing experience and I thank everyone that has helped made this study abroad possible.