Things I will never forget from Hong Kong!!!

In China by Eller Student

I have always heard from my chinese friends back in the United States how wonderful and effective traditional Chinese medicine is. Well one day I had the opportunity to try some since I was not feeling well and my coworkers suggested I go to a traditional Chinese doctor. The doctor checked my vitals, gave me a massage, and wrote me a prescription. When I gave the prescription  to the people at the counter, they started grabbing all kinds of dried mushrooms, plants, and scorpions. They brewed a tea with all those ingredients and told me to drink as fast as I can. That little cup in the picture is the medicine and I have never tasted something as strange as that in my life. I remember feeling better but I think it was because that medicine made me forget that I was feeling bad.

Hong Kong has a fireworks display to celebrate the reunification of Hong Kong to mainland China. A few friends and I went to an office building to get a better view of the fireworks and on the way over there we hit a snag. A few roads were closed and there were literally thousands of people protesting the Chinese government. We had to walk through a sea of people to get to the office building and we were literally moving inch by inch. I have never seen so many people in one place and I was amazed at how strong the prosters felt against the government. I could literally feel the protesters emotions in the air as I walked through the crowd.

On one of the organized events that Dream Careers sponsored we went to a small fishing village where there was a world famous seafood restaurant called Rainbow. I love seafood and I have had seafood in many places but this place takes 1st place. Honestly this is the best seafood I have ever tasted in my life. We were served a 7 course meal with fresh shrimp, scallops, fish, crab, lobster, squid and I forgot what else. We were eating like kings and I am definitely stopping by this place whenever I go back to Hong Kong.