Traveling in Europe

In Spain by Eller Student

After being in Spain for 2 months, i was able to gain so much maturity and experience in numerous areas.  i was able to learn how to live in another country, with different rules and regulations.  i was able to learn how to adapt and adjust to differnet ways of life.  i was able to learn how to communicate and repect the native traditions in different countries.  i was able to make new friends and learn about how people live in different parts of the US even.  i had to learn to eat different foods and keep an open and respectful mind.  i had to learn how to commute without a car.  this may have been the toughest for me, it took a while to fully understand how the metros work and the different routes.  but after a while, i actually came to like it.  i dont have to worry about insurance, gas, accidents, tickets, drinking and driving.  it was quite relaxing.  and i enjoyed walking a lot, i definitely will take this habit back home with me.