Welcome Home

In Spain by Eller Student

The reverse culture shock of coming home was intense to say the least and it made me realize a few very important things. The first is that my time in Spain is something I will never forget, and will hold close to my heart for as long as I can. Another thing I realized is how much I enjoyed my internship and the field of computer science as a whole. Lastly I began to realize that where the University of Arizona is a great place to express my freedom, it doesn’t hold a candle to the relaxed and low stress environment that was present at my internship and in Spain in general.

I came home to a few major changes, I first moved into a new house, celebrated a yearlong relationship with my girlfriend, and started a new job. These harsh realities only emphasized the difficulties I was having with sleeping through the night, not taking that 4 hour mid day nap, and not being able to end my nights in the following morning. Looking back now I begin to notice how extremely lucky I was to be in Spain at all, and how even the little things became taken for granted.

It might have been the ‘tranquilo’ nature of the culture in Spain, it could have been the heat, or maybe there is just something in the water, but my time was rich with a type of relaxation not present at the U of A. Where I love my decision to pursue a degree in marketing practicing HTML, CSS, and Java proved to be a relaxing way to spend five hours a day. Even on the days that my attention was more focused on the Marketing components of Careesma, the comfort of a job that did not require me to bring any work home both mentally or physically was very re-ensuring that my career path is the correct one. That being said I know not all or even most jobs are that relaxed but it was re-assuring to know that such jobs exist at all.

Moving forward, I will be trying to find the time between work and Eller to pursue a CS or computer science minor in attempts to give myself the knowledge I need to bridge the gap between front end web development and the marketing that is involved with making websites successful.