BEST Summer of My Life

In Spain by Eller Student


This summer I am looking forward to so much! My roommate, a few other Eller students and I have made the arrangements to travel each weekend while abroad. With so much to see and so little time it was difficult to narrow down exactly where we wanted to go. Other than traveling on weekends I am looking forward to the culture shock I will face while interning in a foreign country. It will definitely be a one of a  kind learning experience, and I am very excited to begin! The network I plan on establishing in Europe I hope to find as long-term business relationships I can utilize in the future.


While I am traveling for business I plan on enjoying the amazing culture Europe has to offer. If you need me this summer I will be working hard during the week in the majestic city of Barcelona, but if you are wondering where I’ll be in my spare time you may be able to spot me in either Prague, Ibiza, Amsterdam, South of France, Running from Bulls (Pamplona), Costa Brava, Tossa Del Mar, or cliff diving in Croacia! I’m excited for what this summer has in store! Barca13