Great Expectations: A Journey Begins

In China by Eller Student

By Jack Padden


As the mercury slowly approaches the tip of it’s glass prison one thing remains certain: Arizona is hot as hell.  A wiser man would explain this phenomenon as a result of the planet’s axis being on a 23-degree tilt towards the sun causing the summer solstice.  Simply put, it’s summer time.


As our journey approaches I can’t help but to imagine what is about to unfold.  Hong Kong is a quickly growing metropolis that has established it’s self as one of the world’s business epicenters.  I expect to learn a lot from my hands on work in the capital investment market.  Class can only prepare you for the real world so much. Additionally, I plan on cultivating some life-long connections.  All in all this journey should be a ton of fun and who knows, maybe I’ll even learn something.

Photo on 2012-12-02 at 15.42