Hello, Hong Kong!!!

In China by Eller Student

—————————————————————————————————————- Xi Luo ————–

     Blog 1-6I was so excited when I was successfully accepted into this program. Currently, I am looking forward to this Internship. When I was young, I hoped that I could have a well-paid job in Hong Kong. I am so interested in Hong Kong because of outstanding HK TV series and one good friend. Hong Kong is an international metropolis, known as the “Pearl of the Orient” in the world. However, there are also many historical monuments retained,Blog 1-3 such as, “Big Buddha”, “Tsing Ma Bridge”, “Cenotaph”. The various foods in Hong Kong are very famous, such as eggs cookie, peanuts candy, rice rolls, wonton noodles, and seafoods. Previously, I also went to Hong Kong several times, but I have never had chance to stay there for such two months. Therefore, I’m really looking forward to the HK Summer Internship.


     855-03254665Beyond that, I also hope to get more hands-on experience through this program. Business study is different from science research because of many reasons. Experiments and study in school are not enough; I need more social experiences. First of all, I hope to have a more comprehensive understanding about my abilities through this Internship. I hope that I can make up for my weaknesses in the future as quickly as possible. Moreover, I hope that I can have a preliminary understanding about the practical operation in commercial area, which leads me to find a more specific employment goal.