HK, Are You Ready?

In China by Eller Student

–Kingston Song


Hong Kong should not be unfamiliar with me, as I have been hearing its name since young. As a part of China, it is slightly different from mainland, even from Shanghai where I live and grow, culturally and professionally. My goal is to experience the unique culture in HK, living culture and business culture. I can not wait to feel HK, this time not from TV or Internet, but by myself.

To be honest, HK is a place I got to know from its TV series. I was so obsessed with the city in the story that I could not stop imagining living in such a wonderful place. Food, Money, beauty. No one can deny that HK is a city full of temptation, or say, human wants. And interestingly enough, the culture there has an element that is dexterously combined with Chinese culture and western culture. As an international student, I have different views of HK because we are alike somehow.

No need to imagine or expect, because I am going to experience everything in HK. Many people would say it is not that exciting for me to go, because I am from China. I would say, you don’t know about HK. I don’t know either, but I am ready to explore, and get lost.