HongKong, my dream

In China by Eller Student


Hello everyone, I am Jackie Tran, I am originally from Vietnam. One of my dreams when I was a teenager was to live in Hong Kong. This internship in Hong Kong this summer is not only dream come true for me, but it will also help me determine my future career.
As finance major, there are so many alternatives such as real estate, wealth management, investment, portfolio, and banking. I have been exposed to many of these areas through classes taken in Eller. All of them were very interesting to me, so it was difficult to determine what would like to do with a finance degree. Through my internship with Father Financial, a wealth management company, I will see if I want to study for CFA exam after this summer or not.
Besides figuring out my career path, I hope to gain other finance perspective with real word experience because Hong Kong is the financial capital in Asia. I want to be a global finance expert and be able to work somewhere in Asia to be close with my family. While I am in Hong Kong, my son will stay in Vietnam with my family. I hope he will learn Vietnamese and get to know his grandparents. This summer will be a great adventure for both of us.