I just spent the summer in Barcelona, no big deal –Kyle Heitmann

In Spain by Eller Student

The first thing I’m expecting is that Spain is nothing like the United States and nothing like Germany. I’ve spent enough time in those two countries that I think by now I have the cutlures down. It’s time for a change. The second of my expectations is that my summer is going to be far cooler than all my friends’ summers. Well, that’s not an expectation so much as it is a stone-cold fact. I mean, I could live in Phoenix for the summer and work at the mall, or I could live in Barcelona and work for a museum that is also a venture capital firm. I think the choice is clear.


As for what I am trying to get out of this experience…well, experience for one. I study finance, so an internship with a small firm in the financial field would do wonders in terms of developing the skills that I will need later in life. Not to mention, improving my Spanish would certainly be a beneficial endeavor. Right now, it’s pretty questionable. To add to all that, the connections I will make this summer could easily last a life time. And who knows…maybe I’ll be impressive enough to get hired full time! Unrelated: I’m not sure what for a picture I should be using right now, since I’m sitting in my cousin’s room in Munich hiding from the rain, so he’s a picture of mz favorite team (FC Bayern Munich) destroying Barcelona in the CL the other week. It seems fitting and inappropriate at the same time: http://polpix.sueddeutsche.com/bild/1.1657234.1366781482/860×860/mario-gomez-fc-bayern-muenchen-fussball-champions-league-fc-barcelona.jpg