Next Stop: Hong Kong!

In China by Eller Student

Hong Kong

Lauren Findlow
May 30, 2013

One week from today I will be boarding my flight to Hong Kong! This will be my first time leaving the North American continent, and I’m very excited for this adventure to begin. I am currently still amidst running errands and looking for last minute items as I am preparing for eight weeks abroad (most importantly a comfortable neck pillow for that long 17 hour flight). I’m most anxious to learn more about Hong Kong’s culture, fashion, language, and business practices.

This summer I will be working for a publishing company called 21 Concepts Limited, and I will be focusing on expanding their food magazine called Crave Magazine. I hope to learn more about the Marketing industry through advertisements, promotional events, and engaging with clientele. In addition, I also wish to enhance my writing skills by working on publications for the magazine. This summer, I plan to visit not only the main tourist attractions, but also learn of all the hidden local treasures and explore those as well. Through my internship, I hope to get to write about, take pictures of, and taste Hong Kong’s exotic and authentic cuisine. And who knows maybe after this summer I will become well versed in the subject of gastronomy and even become a gastronome myself! Only time will tell, and until then I will continue packing and praying that this next week passes quickly!