Ready for Adventure

In Spain by Eller Student

I can’t believe in one week I will partake on my journey to Barcelona, Spain!  It has been a dream of mine since freshman year, and I can’t even begin to fathom that next Friday, I’ll finally be on my way.  I am looking forward to so many things on this trip and have set many goals for myself.  I’m a Spanish minor and naturally, I want to perfect the language as much as possible while in Spain.  That starts with me trying to converse in Spanish everywhere I go and especially with my co workers at the company I will be interning for.  I also want to expose myself to every aspect of the Spanish culture as possible, from the cuisine to the local traditions; I want to experience it all.  Finally, I want to learn as much as I can about marketing as well as running a small business, since I hope to own a business of my own one day.  However, I know in life you can’t walk around with two catcher’s mitts on.  Sometimes you have to be able to throw something back.  Therefore, I want to utilize all my marketing knowledge that I have gained within the past year to better the company and better their overall marketing approach.

As a Tucson native, I know I will be missing those spectacular desert sunsets and the cooling summer monsoon rains.  However, I can’t wait to embark on this journey.  I know I will be making great friends and going on incredible adventures that I will be sharing with friends and family for the years to come.  Farwell, Tucson!  See you in mid August!