The Countdown Begins- Matt Shapiro

In China by Eller Student


The longest 13 days are ahead of me as I count down the minutes until I depart to Hong Kong for 9 weeks of my life. I expect to get off the plane and hear a lot of “Wow’s” and “Look at that!” type of language as we ascend towards our first nights stay at the Hong Kong University. I land at 6 PM which will allow me to experience my first view of the Hong Kong skyline. As I look in awe, I hope to be chowing down on some crazy street food that would never be cooked in the United States.

In my 9 weeks of being abroad, I am going to try and get everything I can out of every experience. That includes no down time and always doing an activity of some sort (no naps!). My top 5 must see attractions/ activities are as followed in no specific order

1) Go to the Big Budah….2) Walk as many Hong Kong parks as I can….3) Go to Thailand & Macau….4) Experience the nightlife at Lan Kwai Fong…. 5) Temple Street Night Market