The Experience of a Lifetime

In Spain by Eller Student

Not many have the opportunity that I have to be traveling half-way across the globe to work with a small company and get to know a whole new culture. At first because of money issues I was not as excited to make the trip, but once I bought the ticket and found out the cities I was going to make stops in that was when I got pretty excited. Leaving family behind, and all my loved ones, was really hard since we are pretty attached. I have always been an independent woman that no matter what gets what she wants and does what wants to do. However, this time I felt hesitant because of this being my first time in 21 years so away from home.
Once I get there I want to take in everything Barcelona has to offer, I do not want Barcelona to eat me. I want to gain as much experience and learn as much from my internship as possible. This is not only a job related experience but also international and culture wise speaking. I want to return home with a more open mind and with whole new experiences to tell my grandsons one day!