Unexplored Expectations

In China by Eller Student

Chelsea Goergen
hong kong


In one week from today, I will be in a city that I have been counting down the days for since January. With never spending more than one day in another country besides the U.S., my mind runs wild with what I will expect over these next two months. As time gets closer to the day I leave for Hong Kong, I cannot help but wonder what it will be like. This will not only be my first time in another country for a long period of time, but it will also be my first internship, my first time living with some who I just met and my first time not truly knowing what to expect.

I know this opportunity will everything and more than I hope it will be. I hope to learn things that I would have never gotten the chance to learn in America. I hope to see places that only few people can ever say they have seen. In a city of the unknown to me, I expect to be challenged, to grow, to learn, to experience, and have the time of my life. I am ready to take on what is in store for me for the next two months.

See you in 7 days, Hong Kong!