Wanderlust by Michael Llantino

In China by Eller Student



No, this isn’t a review of the recent, eccentric comedy movie starring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd.  But, the title of the film and the feelings that led me to Hong Kong are very similar.

The plot of the movie concerns the young couples desire to leave the comforts of modern society in order to discover new things about themselves.  Similarly as a young student, I yearned to go to Hong Kong because it’s a place that is extremely unfamiliar so the opportunities for exploration are endless.  As I embark on my journey half way across the world, not only do I hope to learn new things about myself, but also that I will gain a greater understanding of people in general through experiencing the depths of diversity amongst our cultures.

During my time in one of the most densely populated areas in the world, I expect to indulge in new cuisine, enjoy the beautiful sightseeing, and experience new professional and social environments.  But, the most exciting experiences of all are the mysterious ones that I have no expectations for.  So join me on my odyssey in unraveling the mysteries of Hong Kong!