West coast graduate travels 7.5k miles to Hong Kong seeking patience and chasing fashion

In China by Eller Student

What better way to say good-bye Arizona than a ride over its beautiful mountains?

What better way to say good-bye Arizona than a ride over its beautiful mountains?

Having unofficially graduated (differed from May to August for this opportunity) from the Eller College of Management and McGuire Center of Entrepreneurship, I am eager to put my studies to work during my summer in Hong Kong.  I have selected an internship in the advertising, a field I am very interested in, although I did not pursue marketing as a major.  Since I have little formal training in the discipline, I am looking forward to gaining experience-based learning from my internship with S.Nine, a small HK based fashion company.  S.Nine carries sophisticated business and formal wear for women that reminds me of Ann Taylor meets Vera Wang.  In my time there I will be focusing on how marketing efforts differ from Hong Kong and the U.S., especially in market research, campaigns, and overall best practices.

For personal development, I am hoping the international setting of Asian/American fusion will help me gain the virtue of patience.  Growing up in a half Vietnamese home, and witnessing the mannerisms of my peers of Asian decent, I have found they are generally tolerant, patient, and even-tempered people.  Being immersed in this type of society, I am hoping to adapt these characteristics.  Additionally, being in a new environment, I hope to hone my abilities to adapt and be flexible in unfamiliar situations.

Until next time, good-bye Arizona, hello Asia.

Signing off from a mini detour in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!