1st contact by Adam Berry

In China by Eller Student



After 20 hours of traveling I finally arrived in Hong Kong at 7am on June 6th.  I quickly came to realize my lack of cantonese knowledge would make the 8 weeks somewhat more difficult.  Although many of the locals understood the main points I was trying to get across there is always a barrier.  (i.e. Ordering iced coffee for breakfast and receiving a coke)

Growing up I was not much of an adventurous eater so I decided to take this trip as an opportunity to start.  Chinese food was actually one of my least favorite types of cuisines but it is slowly moving up the list the more I eat.  Although I have steered away from chicken feet and pig stomach, I found myself trying new cuisine (mainly seafood) from the outset. Some things I have tried for the first time include grouper fish, shrimp, crab, cuttle fish and prawn.  There are many more that I cannot recall at the moment but I plan on continuing this adventurous eating for the rest of the trip.

Until next time