Life in Barcelona

In Spain by Eller Student

By Kelsey Reaves

I’ve been living in Barcelona now for about two weeks and I’m surprised at how easy it was for me to assimilate to the Barcelona culture.  That is everything but the metro of course.  From taking the wrong train and ending up on the outskirts of Barcelona, to falling asleep and almost missing my stop, the metro alone has taught be an important lesson of assimilation: patience.   Especially in Spain, patience is key.  No one rushes anywhere, especially to work, and no one ever rushes a conversation to be on their way to someplace else.  I personally admire this quality and enjoy watching it in every person I meet here in Spain.  They really want to listen to what you have to say.

Interning for Gracia Work Center has been just an absolute pleasure.  I help the owner, Christina, with all types of marketing, from social media to creating flyers to strategizing our next move of spreading awareness of the company and of the documentary she is making about Coworking.  Coworking is all about completing your work, whether that be an entrepreneurial startup or a personal project you wish to endeavor, with other like minded individuals in the same work environment.  She has taken me to other Coworking centers in Gracia this past week, and at one I got to go to the very top and look out over all of Barcelona.  Interning with Gracia Work Center and simply being able to walk the streets of Barcelona to work every day makes you feel like the luckiest person in the world.


View from the top of another Coworking center in Barcelona


My family in Barcelona