London Internship Program

In England by Eller Student

Kiley MacKay

Journal Entry 1



When Tuesday morning came around, I found myself getting nervous. Being that I have only had a few interviews in the past, I was anxious for my interview with FashAddict. Crag had told us to read over the materials that FIE had provided for us in regards to our internship placement so that we would be prepared and well educated for any questions our interviewers might ask us. I read over the packet that I was given, Googled some of the brands I would be working with, and wrote down a few questions to ask my employer in return.

I arrived just on time for my interview. I found the building that I was supposed to meet my employer at and then asked around until I found the quaint FashAddict Studio. Seconds after seeing the studio I would be working in for the next two months, my anxiety about my upcoming interview disappeared. FashAddicts studio is a relaxed artsy environment that is the farthest thing from threating. Before even talking to anyone, I knew I was going to feel at home here.

After five munities of waiting, Jackie came out to meet me. She greeted me with a smile and offered me tea. She then proceeded to ask me questions about where I was from, why I was interested in Fashion Marketing, and what I hopped to gain from my internship. She was extremely friendly and insured me that I would feel at home here and become “one of the family.”

I have only been an intern at FashAddict for one week now, but I can already say that I feel like I have been interning there for so much longer. Everyone I work with is friendly and helpful; always willing to assist me with anything I don’t understand. I am looking forward to the weeks to come at FashAddict, and the amazing things I will continue to learn and the life skills that I will continue to develop from working in this global work setting.