A Day In the Office

In China by Eller Student

Everyday I leave the dorms around 8am, hope on the subway, and grab coffee at the JW Marriot which is located right next to my office. The reason I cant get my coffee earlier is because there is no food or drinks allowed in the subway area or else you will receive a big fine. I then proceed to my office where everyone is very friendly and we begin our morning small talk. Then my day either goes one of two ways
1) I get to go out on showings for beautiful real estate houses OR
2) I update the database/ type inventory lists/search for properties in specific areas looking for new listings
Both are very enjoyable and I learn a lot everyday. I prefer going out on viewings but I understand why its usually about 30% showings and 70% in the office. Also, my entire office speaks fluent English which is a huge bonus on my part. Coming here I had a feeling that no one would speak English and I would sit at my desk lonely everyday. But instead my team consists of people from Germany , United States , London , and Australia . I love my job and expect to do something with real estate followHouse near the Peaking my graduation next year.