A Quest for Fine Food and Unique Experiences

In China by Eller Student

By Jack Padden

If there’s one thing you must know about me, its that I like food…. A lot. Naturally this trip to Hong Kong was a chance to broaden my culinary horizons. One place to do exactly that is Ladies Market, or Mongkok Street. Ladies Market is a food lovers paradise where copious amounts of vendors line the streets to capitalize on the large number of hungry shoppers. By simply walking down the street you’re able to encounter a stunning array of different cultures and customs, as well as some cheap knock-offs of your favorite accessories. However, on this particular day I wasn’t here to shop, I was here to eat.

My first choice was simple, I saw Japanese restaurant tucked away from the larger market. However what drew me was their method of food transportation: the infamous conveyer belt. Growing up in Phoenix has really limited my exposure to Japanese Cuisine so I was ecstatic to finally dive in. The result was spectacular. Every dish I tried was utterly incredible. A grabbed a wide variety of dishes, some of which I’ve never seen.  All in all, it was an unbelievable experience and I look forward to the next place I try.


Japanese food