A Summer to Remember – Jeffrey Hamilton

In China by Eller Student

I have only been in Hong Kong for a little over one week and I am already loving it. The Chinese culture is so new to me, but I feel like I am getting accustomed to it. The people here are very friendly. I have asked for directions many times, and they are more than willing to help me out. I have also tried a huge variety of local food and I think it is delicious.

I am interning for Solomon Independent Financial Advisor’s Ltd. I have been given many tasks from them to complete already, and I am learning so much from each and every one of them. My co-workers are very friendly as well and they are always willing to help me out or give advice if I need it. I can already tell that by the end of this internship I will have a vast knowledege about financial planning.

We have also been on a variety of excursions as well. We went up to Victoria’s Peak, ate at the world famous Jumbo restaurant, browsed around in the Temple Market, and experienced some of the great night life.

Jumbo Floating Restaurant