Amazing start~~

In China by Eller Student

———————————————————————————————– Xi Luo —————————

     There was an amazing, happy start of my HK summer internship.Blog 2-2 During this week, I began my work in my company, CORE Ltd. My boss and colleagues are kind and helpful; they taught me many things, such as, various categories of basic business forms. We usually eat together; they introduced me many good restaurants where the foods are delicious and cheap. It is really enjoyable! I also got wonderful chance to taste a variety of delicious, typical desserts by following the recommendations from my boss and colleagues. The food in Hong Kong is really nice; I love these very much.

     Blog 2-1Here, people speak different languages; we also speak different dialects even though all of us are Chinese. Some pronunciations in Cantonese are really hard for the people (us) who are from mainland to pronounce well and fluently. For them, it’s also not easy to pronounce Mandarin in standard. My colleagues communicate with me about how to pronounce Mandarin fluently during everyday lunch and they are also willing to help me to correct my pronunciation of Cantonese. The tongue twisters inBlog 2-3 Cantonese are really interesting; one famous of these is organized by “chicken”, “tortoise”, and their price. I also told them the famous twister in Mandarin about “XiShi, who is one of the most beautiful women in Chinese history” and her death age. These are so funny! However, we use English to communicate during our office hours (work). I like Hong Kong, and really thanks for my boss and colleagues.