Barcelona Business Culture

In Spain by Eller Student

by Amy Doherty

Completing an internship in Barcelona has been an interesting and exciting experience so far. My company has the best corporate culture and has been very welcoming to me as in Intern and member of the company. On the first day, they took some time to talk to me and get to know me and discover what my interests are in my job and in Spain this summer. Their friendliness has continued throughout and the environment is casual but work-focused.

Due to my boss being out of town this week and the data being “suspicious”, I have spent my first few days doing some self-guided research. While related to the hotel industry, I am also learning a ton about software and consulting, as well as technology trends that are up and coming. I find it so rewarding that I get to work for a company while also educating myself in my field and applying my knowledge to a specific problem they are facing. I am excited to dig further into the numbers and processes of this company and see how they are performing according to various metrics. I love it here!!