Barcelona Living

In Spain by Eller Student

As I’m preparing to leave I still can’t wrap my head around that I will actually be living in Europe for two months and have the opportunity to learn new things in the marketing field. People keep asking why I don’t seem excited but the truth it this is all so surreal. Although to some two months seems like a short eight weeks but to me a lot can happen in two months. A lot can happen from today and tomorrow. I may be nervous about traveling to another country but the possibilities that lay in front of me are endless.

            Enduring this program will not only change who I am as a person but help me grow in my career. I have so many plans for myself here in Barcelona. I aim to keep an open mind at all time. Listen to what people have to say around me and understand the advice, knowledge, and laughter they might bring to me. I am blessed to have an opportunity like this and the expectations I have are set high. I want to achieve the unimaginable and by the end of this experience I plan to be closer to the person I want to be one day. 973602_10201420073088275_1117635059_n