Big City, Big Dream

In China by Eller Student

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, please enjoy the picture I took two years ago when I was taking SAT in Hong Kong.



It is hard for me to only use a paragraph to describe how much I love HK. However, what I can say is that HK always a dream place for me; and one of my career goal is that have a job in HK. Basically, those are the reasons I choose HK for my Summer 2013.

I have few expectations for this summer in HK.

First I want to talk about is that I am still thinking about which major should I choose. I want to major in Accounting because it can gives me a job, and I think I am able to do well. However I am interested in Marketing indeed. This makes me confused, so in this summer, I am interning in the Marketing department of a company, to see whether I really like Marketing or not before the final determination of my major. If I can find myself in this Internship, I will go Marketing without a doubt; if I feel painful working in Marketing, I am glad that this is just a internship but not a job, and I will go Accounting in the future.

Secondly, I want to know more about the working environment in HK. Choosing a job is not as easy as the company want you or not. Instead, I have to do a lot of researches to know about this city to see whether I can fit in this city or not. For example, the weather is OK for me or not, compare to the dry weather in Arizona? Or is there a lot of available job opportunity in HK?

There is more I want to explore in HK. I wish I can have a really good summer!

Minglei Yang

University of Arizona