Blog 1 by Matt Allen

In Spain by Eller Student

Well as being that I just recently arrived, there is not much to talk about besides some of the little differences that I have already picked up. The people here are very nice, but I have come to learn that I know a lot less Spanish then I had previously anticipated. The flight was really not as bad as I though and checking in was fairly simple. I already met some really great people, and it’s awesome that there is a little bar on campus that you can go get drinks whenever you want. A big thing I picked up, especially from the bar on campus, is that things here are much more lax relative to the U.S. No one was in a hurry to serve, and the nice thing about it was that I didn’t feel hurried to get served. Everyone seems to be on their own time, taking it much easier then most people in the U.S. This is definitely something I can get used to. I have already had some adventures in this incredible country I will call home for the next eight weeks and I cannot wait to have more. This picture is the view from my room if you can believe it!


Hasta Proxima,