Blog 2 by Matt Allen

In Spain by Eller Student

Let The Travels Begin

I think it is safe to say that every day in Barcelona has become my new favorite day. Now that I have been here for longer, I have been able to begin to submerse myself into the Catalonian culture. I thought knowing some Spanish would be such a great help to me on this trip, however I had no idea how different Catalan was then Spanish! It almost seems to be a strange combination of Spanish and French. I have finally started to find some local places to eat that are absolutely amazing. The one thing I have noticed is the difference in the portion size relative to America. No wonder we’re a heavier country! My employer, bless his heart, has given me off Fridays from work allowing me to travel places all around Europe. This weekend I made my first trip to Berlin. What an experience. Such a beautiful city with so much history. It really made me realize how young America is when I had a beer from a company that was from 1584. The bus tour showing us the Berlin Wall, Eastside Gallery, Churches and more was no doubt my  favorite part of the trip. Our guide got very deep into the extensive history of Berlin and I thought it was so cool. Such an eye opener seeing bullet holes from WWII all in churches and different places. I hope July 28th never comes is pretty much what the main point of this post is. Some more sight seeing this week, and this weekend I am off to Amsterdam! The following picture was my friends and I in front of a very cool fountain in Berlin. Enjoy.Berlin!