Company Culture (Hong Kong) – by Xinmei Song

In China by Eller Student

Companphotoies here are very nice and friendly to their employees and interns as us even those small companies. I am working in a financial company named STI, and I have loved here a lot. People here are not only assign you tasks, but they actually teach you the way to do good jobs and even the way to do business. They do not mind take their time to help the interns and train us even if we only stay here for two months.

Companies also provide good services to their employees as well as they think a lot for their employees. My company even have a little bar for us where we can find snacks when we feel hungry; where we can find hot and cold water there when we feel thirsty; where can find coffee and tea when we feel sleepy; and where we can find minds and candies when we want to refresh the breath. I really like the company culture here that people are willing to help each other and be careful to each other.