Culture De-Shock from Vietnam to Hong Kong

In China by Eller Student

By Rosie Rice

Spending 12 days in Vietnam before arriving in Hong Kong was life changing. The operations, politics, and way of life are almost a 180 from life in the U.S. By the time I arrived in Hong Kong, it was a relief to get back to the way of life that I know and love. However, taking a closer look, there are still many nuances that I wasn’t expecting.

1) The types of people in Hong Kong are very diverse; I’ve seen many Australians, Irish, Spanish, French, Turkish, and of course Chinese.

2) Although many public signs are also posted in English, to find in the true authentic & tasty food joints, that solely speak Cantonese, it’s necessary to go with a native. Or another alternative that I’ve tried is to pick a random menu item and point and nod to the server; it hasn’t been bad yet!

3) Women hold a slightly lower social status in the business world. I have seen it be common for a male to speak over or immediately divert his attention from a conversation with a woman if another male beings talking.

4) The city subway system, call MTR, is extremely efficient in transporting the city’s 7 million people, even during rush hour. It has won world-class awards for being so clean, easy to use, and energy conscious.

5) The food is very lean, with smaller portions and less grease than U.S. foods. Though I found it interesting to learn many Hong Kong natives actually love American foods, especially hamburgers.

6) The city is not wheelchair accessible and restaurants/venues do not have handicap entrances. The streets, mostly on very steep hills, do have a ‘slope option’ for wheeling, though they seems too steep to navigate in a wheelchair. I have yet to see a disabled person out and about in Hong Kong.

Signing off to prepare for a day of fitting models and stuffing goody bags for S.Nine’s first fashion catwalk show this Wednesday night!

Yes, my desk is in the center of the designer showroom. May the shopping begin!?

Yes, my desk is in the center of the designer showroom. May the shopping begin!?