Dragon Boat Festival in Stanley

In China by Eller Student


By: Lauren Findlow

I woke up nice and early on June 12th to go witness the Dragon Boat Festival in Stanley. But first, I wanted to stop and grab breakfast, so I decided to stop at Taste, the local grocery store, and tried Hong Kong’s version of French Toast. It is very different from the American version of French toast as it consists of a piece of bread with tomato sauce, sausage (hot dog), and pineapple. It was most definitely an experience, but I’m happy I tried it anyway! After breakfast, we all traveled to Stanley by both MTR (subway) and a public double decker bus. Overall, the travel time took just over two and a half hours due to the sheer number of people that also chose to come watch the boat races as well.

The town of Stanley itself reminds me of an east coast beach town, the quaintness of it all was very peaceful with a wonderful view of the water. The most interesting thing that I learned about those that partake in the boat racing competition is that they are all employees at the different companies that support the boat race. I was under the impression that these teams consisted of professional athletes. I was shocked! The boat races themselves were very entertaining to watch and the atmosphere was very electric. I’m glad I got to experience this festival with the local people of Hong Kong.