Getting Settled In By: Bart Allen

In Spain by Eller Student

   After being in Barcelona fora little over two weeks, I have started to learn a lot about myself. People always mention that visiting a place and living there are completely different, and i couldn’t agree more! One interesting event that I endured was the first day of work and finding it on my own. The previous couple of days were quite fun because I was hanging out with the people in my group the entire time. I got lost once or twice and had to ask for directions in a language that I was not fully comfortable in. I eventually found the building, but that experience made me grow up a little bit.

    People in Barcelona are very laid back when it comes to work days. One night at dinner I asked other people in my group if their employers were the same because I thought it was just me. Many of us seemed to agree, noticing that they start late, take two hour lunch breaks, work late, and dress quite causal. This was a small adjustment because I like to get all the work done I need at one time and leave early. My employers will work until eight at night because of their slow pace.

   The experience after seventeen days is very positive. I am still undertanding the culture, and how people live their lives in Barcelona. There are a few small ideas that seem to be different, but overall Spanish people are just like I am. They eat, drink, and wear clothes just like I do. As time goes on I think I will discover even more traits in common. Until next time!