Here We Go

In China by Eller Student

Within two weeks of school starting last Fall, by buddies and I knew Hong Kong was the place for us to spend our summer.  Now that nine months have passed since that first meeting it’s time to get ready!  Hong Kong and all of China are places that can’t be replicated in the United States, they have unique features that no where else in the world has.  Having the opportunity to spend two months in Hong Kong will teach me what life is like in the far East, and how much different they are from the United States.

Walled City

The image above is of a place called Kowloon Walled City.  It is no longer in Hong Kong but it is a very famous place that is worth doing some research on. It was the size of two football fields and over 33,000 people used to live inside of it.  Drugs, Crimes, and Prostitution got so bad that the government had to burn it down and pay everyone to move out.  A park is now in its place and I plan on definitely visiting it.  It’s things like this that I can’t wait to see and experience first hand.