Home is in the Details

In China by Eller Student

By Kevin Chai

It’s funny to think about how cultures interact with one another. One of the very first sights I saw after landing in Hong Kong was an Apple Store that looked exactly like the one I visited in Arizona. For some reason, this observation made me chuckle. I flew halfway around the world, thousands of miles away from the place I call home, but I still cant shake off pieces of my native culture. I find it a comforting notion that no matter where you go you can still find pieces of home in the details of your surroundings.

Case in point. As an Arizona native, I am no stranger to native Americans. I am not an expert by any means, but being brought up in this state meant I had both a passing knowledge of this group, as well as a lingering association between Native Americans and home. The other day, I went to the dragon boat festival, an event in which different teams compete in dragon boat races. Of the various groups that competed one group’s theme stood out to me more than the others (see below). The second I saw them my mind immediately turned to home. I guess the takeaway from this post is that as different as Hong Kong may seem, there will always be things that make you feel right at home.